Büchler Group


  • N. Stiesdal, H. Busche, K. Kleinbeck, J. Kumlin, M. G. Hansen, H. P. Büchler, S. Hofferberth,
    Controlled multi-photon subtraction with cascaded Rydberg superatoms as single-photon absorbers
  • J. Hertkorn, J.-N. Schmidt, M. Guo, F. Böttcher, K.S.H. Ng, S.D. Graham, P. Uerlings, H.P. Büchler, T. Langen, M. Zwierlein, T. Pfau,
    Supersolidity in Two-Dimensional Trapped Dipolar Droplet Arrays
  • T. Hashizume, G. S. Bentsen, S. Weber, A. J. Daley, 
    Deterministic fast scrambling with neutral atom arrays
  • S. Weber, P. Bienias, H. P. Büchler,
    Topological bands in the continuum using Rydberg states
  • M. Kalinowski, Y. Wang, P. Bienias, M. J. Gullans, D. P. Ornelas-Huerta, A. N. Craddock, S. L. Rolston, J. V. Porto, H. P. Büchler, A. V. Gorshkov,
    Resonant enhancement of three-body loss between strongly interacting photons
  • J. Hertkorn, J.-N. Schmidt, F. Böttcher, M. Guo, M. Schmidt, K.S.H. Ng, S.D. Graham, H.P. Büchler, T. Langen, M. Zwierlein, T. Pfau,
    Density Fluctuations across the Superfluid-Supersolid Phase Transition in a Dipolar Quantum Gas
  • J. Kumlin, K. Kleinbeck, N. Stiesdal, H. Busche, S. Hofferberth, and H. P. Büchler,
    Non-exponential decay of a collective excitation in an atomic ensemble coupled to a one-dimensional waveguide
    Phys. Rev. A 102, 063703 (2020), (arXiv:2006.14977)
  • N. Lang and H. P. Büchler
    Entanglement Transition in the projective transverse field Ising model
    Phys. Rev. B 102, 094204 (2020), (arXiv:2006.09748)
  • N. Stiesdal, H. Busche, J. Kumlin, K. Kleinbeck, H. P. Büchler, and S. Hofferberth,
    Observation of collective decay dynamics of a single Rydberg superatom
    Phys. Rev. Research 2, 043339 (2020), (arXiv:2005.05089)
  • V. Lienhard, P. Scholl, S. Weber, D. Barredo, S. de Léséleuc, R. Bai, N. Lang, M. Fleischhauer, H. P. Büchler, T. Lahaye, and A. Browaeys,
    Realization of a density-dependent Peierls phase in a synthetic, spin-orbit coupled Rydberg system
    Phys. Rev. X 10, 021031 (2020), (arXiv:2001.10357)


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