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Topics for B.Sc. Theses in the Büchler Group

The theoretical model describing Rydberg slow light polaritons gives naturally rise to a strong three-body interaction. This means, that the bound state of two-polaritons is strongly modified in the presence of a third photon close by. The main goal of this topic is to understand the three-body bound states in such a potential. We start by analytical deriving the quantum mechanical bound states for a stepwise model potential, and then study the corrections for the realistic setup within perturbation theory.


We study polar molecules trapped in a two-dimensional deep optical lattice with quenched tunneling between the sites. The relevant degree of freedom of the polar molecules is given by two different rotational excitations, which can be transferred between different lattice sites due to the dipolar exchange interaction. It has recently been demonstrated that for a square lattice such a system gives rise to a band structure with a quadratic band touching point and even topological bands. The goal in the present thesis is to analyze the influence of additional levels in the setup.


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