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Theoretical condensed matter and quantum many-body physics

The research group of Mathias S. Scheurer joined the Institute for Theoretical Physics III at the University of Stuttgart in June 2023.

About us

Our research deals with the theoretical description of the multitude of emergent phenomena that arise in interacting quantum many-body systems as a result of competing interactions, disorder, and topology. We use analytical as well as numerical techniques and explore the potential of machine-learning to address problems of many-body physics. Our work is driven both by fundamental research questions and by the potential of exotic quantum many-body phases for quantum technological applications.

Work with us

There is always something to do and no shortage of challenging problems to address. Get in touch, if you are interested in working with us. Right now, we are particularly interested in motivated bachelor and master theses students at the University of Stuttgart and offer a variety of possible thesis topics related to our research.

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