Hauptseminar: Quantenfeldtheorie

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Büchler
Start 16. April 2013
Room Pfaffenwaldrinf 57, S5.331
Time Di 9:45-11:15
Assistant Email
Jens Honer
David Peter
Thorsten Treffon
Eslam Khalaf
Informations  HauptseminarQFT.pdf
Content Quantum field theory arose out of our need to describe the ephemeral nature of life. [...] In quantum mechanics the uncertainty principle tells us that the energy can fluctuate wildly over a small interval of time. According to special relativity, energy can be converted into mass and vice versa.With quantum mechanics and special relativity, the wildly fluctuating energy can metamorphose into mass, that is, into new particles not previously present. Write down the Schrodinger equation for an electron scattering off a proton. The equation describes the wave function of one electron, and no matter how you shake and bake the mathematics of the partial differential equation, the electron you follow will remain one electron. But special relativity tells us that energy can be converted to matter: If the electron is energetic enough, an electron and a positron (''the antielectron'') can be produced. The Schrodinger equation is simply incapable of describing such a phenomenon. Nonrelativistic quantum mechanics must break down. [2]
Readings [1] D. V. Schroeder, An Introduction To Quantum Field Theory. Levant Books, 2005.
[2] A. Zee, Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell: (Second Edition). Princeton University Press, 2010.
[3] F. Mandl and G. Shaw, Quantum Field Theory. John Wiley & Sons, 2010.
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  Topic Date  Name Assistant pdf
1 Introduction 16.4.2013 Matthias Kühnle  Thorsten Treffon  
2 Canonical Quantization I 23.4.2013 Frank Schweiner David Peter  
3 Vorlesung: Canonical Quantization II 30.4.2013 Prof. Büchler    
4 Feynman Diagrams 7.5.2013 Marian Blankenhorn Thorsten Treffon  
5 Path Integrals I 14.5.2013 Irina Gancheva David Peter  
6 Path Integrals II 28.5.2013 Patrick Pietzonka Jens Honer  
7 Radiative Corrections 4.6.2013 Barbara Widmann David Peter  
8 Formal Renormalization 11.6.2013 Stephan Ludwig Eslam Khalaf  
9 Non-Abelian Gauge Theory 18.6.2013 David Schwörer Jens Honer  
10 Quantization of Non-Abelian Gauge Theory 25.6.2013 Max Schwilk  Eslam Khalaf  
11 Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking 2.7.2013 Margarita Reschke Jens Honer  
12 The Standard Model 9.7.2013 Daniel Krüger Thorsten Treffon  
13 Beyond the Standard Model 16.7.2013 Terpsithea Karadali Eslam Khalaf  


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